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Most Popular Interior Design Styles

What are the Most Popular Interior Designs?

Are you looking for an extraordinary interior design? Do you want home decor that aligns with the-nowadays trends, but still didn’t figure out your preferred interior design style? 

When it comes to interior design styles, there are a diversity of options that you can choose among. Some interior designs could be trendy for a limited period, while other designs shall remain timeless. We will identify some of the Major & iconic designs that we could see everywhere. 

Traditional Style

The Traditional interior design style is considered of the most common interior designs, as it is inspired by the luxury western homes back in the industrial revolution. Yet, it is made for people who are into consistency and routine. The style usually hosts dark wood detailed with complex patterns like random stripes, and the furniture’s textiles are done with luxury materials like silk and velvet. Yet, the Traditional design could reflect an element of Formality as the key highlights of a traditional design are symmetry, comfort, and standardization.  

A plush living room in an interior design setting, featuring cream sofas against a backdrop of golden ornamental walls and a magnificent central mirror reflecting a detailed chandelier. The room epitomizes luxury and elegance with its rich textures and colors

Industrial Design Style

The Industrial interior design style is inspired by the factory decors back in the industrial revolution. Usually, the main colorings of this design style are White, Black, and Grey as the point of industrial design to emphasize that this space was once an industrial space. Features like Spacious rooms and the exposure of pipes, bricks, and concrete elaborate the industrial design.  

A spacious and minimalist interior design in a living room featuring light grey sofas, a large rustic wooden coffee table, and a contemporary fireplace decorated with small decorative items and greenery

Contemporary Design Style

Simplicity with mild sophistication, and clean lines with contrasting colors. That is what contemporary design style is about. The integration of Marble flooring signifies luxury and a natural feeling to the interior design. As for nature, integrating ceiling glass could let the sunlight add more style to the Contemporary interior design alongside dropping the energy costs by depending more on the natural light. You can see more detailed examples of contemporary designs here . 

Contemporary Interior Style | Modern Interior Designs

Eclectic Interior Design

Diversified and Aesthetic. Eclectic interior design is derived from various interior designs to create an energetic and warm style. Usually, an Eclectic interior design style could be the most personalized out of all interior design styles. Giving you the freedom of choice in terms of mixing the designs and textures. As there need to be tied to a specific color palette, a design era, or a furniture style.  

Modern interior design styles favors large spaces gathering a few functionalities under one.

The Scandinavian Style

Less is more. That is what the Scandinavian style is all about. It reflects the aspect of comfort and modernization as an aesthetic approach. Minimalist designs usually remain timeless, and Scandinavian designs are destined to not be just a fad. The contrast between the bright interior design, and the dark furniture gives it utility and aesthetics. One small thing that remarks the Scandinavian design, is the fireplace. In most interior designs, fireplaces are placed in the center. While in Scandinavian, it is placed in the corner. 

Modern interior design in a living room with large grey sectional sofas, a central coffee table, and a long, linear gas fireplace below a mounted television, creating a warm, inviting space

How Do I Know my Interior Design Style?

You can seek Inspiration by researching various interior design styles either online through websites like Pinterest or going out to furniture stores like Ikea. You can also read our article on interior design style inspirations. After collecting your inspiration, you can consider a color scheme and style to comply with to create a harmonious design.  

You can also create a mix of various interior design styles without complying with a specific style by creating an Eclectic design. Yet, less is more, so avoid perfection by not trying so hard to overdesign your space. 

What are the current interior design trends in 2023?

In the past, every location has its own culture. But now things are different, the impact of the internet and globalization has created limitless inspirations for interior design styles. That has resulted in offering more diversified designs for everyone.

For example, if you are a town person and want to add modern interior designs to your living space rather than middle eastern interior design styles. “Midtown Modern” can be a good choice as the source of inspiration was the offices of New York. The color scheme of your office would be highly dependent on dark colors like Black and Navy-Blue alongside some metal finishes that would add a sparkle to your space. Physiologically speaking, your space can reflect the vibes of hospitality and hustle of New York while you are still in Egypt.

What if you are a country person, but somehow, you live in a crowded town? You might want to bring the “countryside vibe” into your living space. If so, then Nordic Nature is a good choice for your preferences. From the crispy white walls to concrete alongside with integration of wood, the perfect mix between contemporary designs and the Scandinavian aesthetic. The color scheme can aesthetically align with green. So, feel free if you want to add more nature to your space. Nevertheless, the contrast of white and black could be helpful to place a black spot for the fire space, if you are a winter person.

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