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Modern Interior Design Guide

How To Bring Simplicity In Your Home?

If you love a streamlined look and refined aesthetic, you are keen on modern interior design. A typical modern home features a simple design that doesn’t steal the attention with bold features. This style focuses on functionality but also manages to create the perfect balance between functional and beautiful. 

If you wish to implement this style in your home, we have you covered. AS Design Studio has extensive experience in curating modern interiors. Based on our expertise, we compiled the ultimate guide for you.


Modern Interior Design Embraces Simplicity

Clean lines dominate the modern interiors, adding a refined touch. If you appreciate a streamlined home with a minimalist vibe, then this stylish one is the right pick for you. 

Maximalist styles might overwhelm you with the richness of detail. However, the modern interior design will set elegant vibes minding the minimalist principle. 

  • The “less is more” approach is highly adopted in modern interior design. 
  • Your design studio will advise you to ditch unnecessary items and stick with the basics. 
  • Decorative accessories are used moderately to set a clutter-free space. In addition, interior designers will do their best to conceal the electronics and devices to achieve a refined and streamlined look. 

In modern interior design, there is no space for clutter. Therefore, you will need to remove everything from the surfaces. When it comes to accessorizing the room, it is better to use a few large decorative objects than many small ones. Villa Maitham is one of our interior design projects that gives you a clear idea of how minimalism should look like. 

Open Floor Plans

Modern interior design favors large spaces gathering a few functionalities under one. The open layout is a common design concept that makes the home feel roomier. Interior designers will ditch the walls to avoid disrupting the natural sunlight, creating light and airy interiors. 

In modern interiors, you will often see a kitchen, dining space, and a living room within one. However, these still look separate, thanks to a few design tricks. Interior designers will rely on a few principles to visually divide the space into different zones. They will anchor the living room with an area rug, for example. Or, they will group the furniture in a way that works for the space. Without walls, the designers try to achieve visual continuity. 

Modern interior design styles favors large spaces gathering a few functionalities under one.

Modernist Art

When the walls are plain, the artwork will bring personality. Modernist art will add a decorative touch while anchoring a specific area. The expressive artwork features the modernist perspective, with colors and shapes that make a statement. 

Neutral Walls

While other styles appreciate the maximalist approach when decorating the walls, this isn’t the case with modern interior design. You won’t see detail-rich wallpapers that add visual weight to the space. Instead, the walls are always light and neutral. Cool white tones are ideal for setting the modern mood while making the room appear visually larger. If white is too stark for your taste, you can opt for light gray. 

Contemporary Interior Style | Modern Interior Designs

Curated Color Scheme

When creating a mood board, your design studio will layer neutral colors. Gray might be the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word modern interior design. Even though this color is quite popular for this style, it doesn’t mean that the space looks odd. If you wish to create a more relaxed ambiance, feel free to implement beige and white. A curated mix of gray and brown tones will create an inviting and cozy home. 

Gray might be the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word modern interior design.

Black is another excellent choice if you wish to add elegance to your home. Paint it with gold hardware to strengthen the theme. We already talked about modern interior design color schemes so you can keep up with that post. 

Final Thoughts

Modern interior design is the right fit for your taste if you prefer clean lines and simplicity. Make sure to communicate this with your interior designer to create a space that perfectly aligns with your needs. If you need help completing the modern home you always wanted, AS Design Studio is here for you. Contact us now, and we will be happy to assist you with your project! 

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