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Modern Color Scheme Ideas For Home Design

Contemporary Color Scheme Ideas For Modern Home Design

Creating a stylish and elegant home that reflects the current trend might not be easy. But also, you need to curate a color scheme that reflects your personality and conveys the desired mood. 

AS Design Studio has worked with many clients, developing an interior concept that suits their wishes. We understand that everyone has a different taste when implementing color in their home. Some prefer moody and dramatic vibes. Others prefer to bring a modern and refined feel to their home. And some people want to bring vibrance and a touch of personality. We created this post to help you navigate through the trendy interior colors and find the ideal fit for your needs. 

Blush And Greige

If you’re looking for a contemporary color scheme that conveys feminine vibes to the space, the combination of blush and greige will suit your needs. The muted pink tones create a tranquil environment, while the neutral colors let them stand out. Enhance this color scheme with fluffy details to bring a feminine touch to the space. This is one of the ways to get your character to the room, making it feel truly yours. We shared more tips on creating a home that suits your needs, and you can keep up with the post here.


Layered Neutrals

The living space looks serene and inviting, thanks to the mix of neutral tones. However, a modern neutral color palette doesn’t have to be boring. The professionals at our design studio use a curated mix of different textures to add dimension. This refined space features shades of gray, enhanced with tan and brown details for a touch of warmth. The marble texture and golden details bring a luxurious touch.

Mint Green And White

Light green tones are one of the trendy interior colors for kitchens. Mint and pistachio have gained immense popularity, thanks to their vibrant yet calm feel. A modern kitchen with white and mint green cabinets is ideal if you wish for a fresh and contemporary look. The marble pattern ideally fits the aesthetic.

Black And Gold

If you wish to add sophistication to your interior concept, black and gold are a classic combo. The moody color scheme will ideally fit your interior design style, conveying a luxury feel. The black dressing room features a dose of texture for an elegant look. The golden details add a touch of luxury while still keeping the refined vibe. 

Neutrals And Blue Accents

When a neutral color scheme appears too neutral for your taste, feel free to enhance it with an accent color. If you opt for a carefully chosen mix of beige and creams, pick a bold color to use as an accent. When used moderately, blue will bring extravagance to the contemporary design. The creams create a neutral setting that makes the accent color stand out. Teal and turquoise are perfect options for an elegant color scheme that brings a contemporary aesthetic to the space. The curated nook with blue armchairs will freshen up a neutral setting. 

Whites And Wood

Opt for white when you wish to make the space feel bright and airy. However, white doesn’t have to mean that your room will look plain. Feel free to mix different whites to obtain a dose of dimension. The experts at our design studio layered a mix of warm and cool whites for visual touch. The wood details add a touch of coziness while complementing the simple color. The bedroom looks neutral but still has visual interest.

Final Thoughts

Creating a contemporary color scheme doesn’t have to be too difficult. We shared the trendy interior colors that are prevalent at the moment. However, you are still free to interpret them on your own. 

As a professional in the design industry, AS Design Studio has worked on developing interior design concepts. We strongly advise you to find the aesthetic that resonates with your character. Adding a touch of personality and customizing your home is your utmost priority.

If you need help designing a contemporary home from your dreams, don’t forget to get in touch. AS Design would love to assist you with your project, so feel free to contact us now

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