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Designer’s Guide To A Contemporary Bedroom

Your bedroom is your private retreat, a place where you relax after a long day. The ideal bedroom interior design provides a serene atmosphere for a good night’s sleep and reflects your desired aesthetic.

A contemporary bedroom is a sleek, modern space that doesn’t tend to look too sterile. AS Design is a professional design studio with extensive experience in contemporary style. In this post, we share practical tips  on creating a contemporary bedroom that feels modern and luxurious.

Contemporary Meets Elegant Interior Design

The contemporary style brings clean lines and simplicity. At the same time, it manages to look refined and elegant. The base remains neutral, while you can still introduce trendy interior colors in the form of accents. While this style isn’t minimalist-focused, it still follows a similar principle. The style highlights the space and not the things in it. Therefore, the ideal representation of this style is a clutter-free bedroom  that leaves plenty of negative space to let each piece stand out on its own.

The brass details add a touch of elegance to this contemporary-style bedroom. The swing chair with deep blue upholstery is a charming element that becomes the star of the show.

Contemporary Bedroom - Classic Bedroom

The contemporary style often uses a deliberate mix of textures to introduce a dose of dimension to the space. A textured focal wall will make a statement in the bedroom while elevating the design to a new level. Complemented with abstract artwork, it fits the decor theme to perfection.

Modern Design Featuring Greige

A contemporary bedroom doesn’t have to be too bold and dramatic. Greige is a gorgeous neutral that conveys modern vibes to the space while keeping the design grounded. The neutral color will create a serene ambiance, ideal for peace and relaxation.

Contemporary Bedroom - Apartment Design

Streamlined furniture is a signature feature of contemporary style. The tufted bed brings a dose of texture while adding a luxury appeal. The unique chandelier makes a bold statement with its remarkable design. The oversized artwork completes the modern design.

Trendy Interior Colors

An elegant bedroom with blush accents coveys the contemporary style but still brings a personal touch. A wood floor and a simple low-pile rug are the winning combination. 

Contemporary Bedroom - Bed Room Interior Design

In this case, our design studio created a modern design concept with a feminine vibe. You are always free to interpret the contemporary style in a way that works for your taste. With blush and sage accents, the space looks calm yet remains to be playful. An area rug with a subtle texture anchors the bed, making the room feel snugger.

Final Thoughts

The ultimate bedroom should offer a calm atmosphere and match your desired style. Conveying the contemporary style to your bedroom doesn’t have to be too difficult. Our design studio will help you create a serene space that matches your exquisite taste. Contact us now, and we will gladly help you with your interior design project!


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