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How to create healthy interior design.

How does Interior Design affect our lives?

Interior design does not always revolve around aesthetics, it is a matter of well-being and a Healthy lifestyle. But how? Here are some tips from AS Design Studio for a healthy interior design.


Modern life has deemed us to stay most of our lives indoors. Whether you are working, eating, sleeping, or watching a movie; most activities happen indoors. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle revolves not only around exercising, meditating, and avoiding junk food. It can be also related to your visual stimulus. A survey has determined that humans spend 90% of their time indoors. Whether you are at home, in an office, or a coffee shop; there is always a roof and walls surrounding you, and somehow, interior design styles can have a bigger impact on your life than you think. One crucial factor of the design is the lighting.


The positive effects of sunlight can be further than just vitamin D. Studies have concluded that workspaces with interior designs that provide more windows for sunlight can outperform dull interior designs. The results were not only in the terms of revenue and output but also in psychology.   


Spaces with a healthy interior design can increase productivity and creativity among coworkers, making everyone working feel motivated and vibrant. Leading to a healthy workspace. While spaces that have artificial light more than natural light can make coworkers suffer poor sleep cycles, making them lazier.


Another example of manipulating the design for the behavior is restaurants that have an interior design with dimmed light can make the customers feel more comfortable and more emotional, and that makes it ideal for a date. The other side is that the level of light ambiance can make people so comfortable that they consume higher quantities of food.


Whether the space is an office, home, or restaurant, a healthy interior design can always affect mental health, and psychology can affect the individual’s overall performance.

Elegantly designed living room with large arching windows, modern furniture including a sectional sofa and rustic wooden coffee tables, complemented by a calming interior design and views of the garden

How Interior Design affects mental health:

As interior design can affect life. We must raise more awareness of healthy interior designs as it should be important as mental awareness. A healthy interior design with a vibrant color scheme and a quantified amount of sunlight can make individuals less prone to depression, and potentially immune to anxiety, making less stressful workdays and a healthier workspace. That is because the natural light triggers the brain to produce more serotonin, which increases happiness and amplifies the mood. Regardless of the lights, there are other factors in the interior design that can make it defined as “Healthy”.  


Colors can have their psychological effect too. Imagine if you are in a room with all black walls and decorations. It might not be vivid at all. Yes, black can define aspects like power and mystery, but it can also be linked to mixed emotions and dullness. But white, for instance, reflects the feeling of innocence and neutralism, and that is why most workspaces use the color white as it is generic and can suit more than one interior design style.


Most popular interior design styles can be in white and adding green to it can reflect feelings of calmness, and positivity, and recreates a style of nature. You might add some plants to your indoors while allowing sunlight to create a healthier interior space. But what if the space does not allow enough sunlight to enter? You can enrich your indoor space with yellow. This color adds vibrance to your space as it signifies happiness, creativity, and energy.

Spacious and airy living room featuring a white textured sofa, large wooden dining table, and multiple hanging light fixtures that together create a vibrant and inviting interior design, ideal for gatherings

How to Create a healthy space?

As Interior designs can reflect our lifestyle, you might need an interior designer’s consultancy to help in personalizing your space according to your vision. Whether you are at work or relaxing, you should always experience a healthy interior space.


Another way to add healthiness to your space is by sustainably designing your interior. That can be done by creating windows that allow a greater amount of light to enter. This decreases your reliance on artificial light, which makes that design save energy, and eventually save money.


One way to avoid having a sick space is by creating spacious areas for the air and the energy to flow. So, if you don’t use that extra furniture, get rid of it, and do this checkup periodically. In addition, you might consider adding plants to your space to make the fresh air flow into your space with soothing energies.


As for positive energies, they can always be maintained by keeping up with a hygienic space. Simply because stuffy rooms can make you sick.

Charming children's playroom with a playful tent, climbing wall, and a sleeping nook, designed with soft colors and rounded furniture to foster a safe and creative interior design environment for children.

Can Stuffy Rooms make you sick?

As interior design can have a mental influence, stuffy and unhygienic spaces can have a terrible impact on physical health. As too much furniture can mean too much dust, this can lead to health effects from dry skin, and headaches, to shortness of breath.


As indoors are not usually exposed to open air, the stale air could lead to some terrible impact on your health. Air can carry dust and mold, and if the space doesn’t get ventilated properly these can build up and affect the occupant’s health. So, interior designers need to consider proper ventilation and facilitate windows to make the indoors always healthy mentally and physically while keeping fresh air shuffles.

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