8 Most Commonly Asked Interior Design Questions

8 Most Commonly Asked Interior Design Questions

1) How to choose among many interior design styles?

Your interior design choices reflect your personality. You can find answers to all your interior design questions by seeking inspiration on the web, and then trying to create a collage of all things that you think it could match. Another thing that you should consider is choosing a color scheme for your interior design.

You can find trendy interior designs appealing or you might have a special design in your mind.

If you are having questions about specific interior design, we as the AS design studio can offer our free consultancy to guide you to achieve your desired designs.

We do this by listening to your recommendations and asking you about your interior design preferences. Then we showcase some styles as an inspiration to know if you liked it or if there is more to add to it or take from it.

Through Analyzing your choices, we can find which interior design style you find attractive the most. Then we can start mixing between and creating more inspirations.

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 What design style do you like and What to avoid?

2) Can I afford interior design help from a professional?

We can relate affordability and savings to each other, so whenever you ask yourself if the interior designer would save me money, they might actually do. If you wondered about the highest overhead costs you could encounter in an interior designing project, it might be an unexpected mistake.


Imagine if someone made an inaccurate measurement for a piece of furniture and then it ended up not fitting. Then you either make it fit by remodeling the place or trying to change that misfitting piece of furniture. Either way, this can unexpectedly cost you Time and money.


 That is why hiring a professional would eliminate potential mistakes while doing all the legwork for you. When you ask yourself which can be more expensive, hiring a professional or risking a mistake, you would realize that a detailed consultancy from an interior designer can be more affordable than a simple inconvenience. Basically, your home design is your investment.

3 Important things for your home workspace

3) Is it worth it to get interior design services & consultancy for a small living space?

Many people question whether we should imply interior design in small living spaces. Hiring a professional interior designer can make small living spaces more functional. This is because we consider these spaces to host full utility through efficient arrangements and studied space management.


In addition, we strategically manipulate the art of interior design by choosing the right colors, furniture, and light to create a visual depth and a healthy interior design for you to nourish around. As the design studio aims for the highest utility of space so you can make yourself question how our interior designers added to your place.


Whenever there is a question regarding the lack of living space, we resolve it by creating the highest utility for the place. Think about a bed that is foldable into a couch, or your working desk can be a storage place. This is the interior designer’s responsibility to address all your design-of-interior concerns.

How do I create my workspace at home?

4) What questions should I expect an interior designer to ask?

When the interior designer is answering your questions, they can also tend to ask some questions regarding your interior design projects. The interior designer conducts these questions to build a professional communication channel between you and them, and so they can set terms and agreements for your interior design project.

5) What is your budget?

This question usually sets a common ground to achieve a desired and realistic outcome. By answering this question, you and the interior designer can reach a common ground for the terms and agreements of the project to create a deal that both of you can agree on. A professional interior designer would ask you for a specific budget for your project to set a hypothetical picture of the design. What can also be reliant on the capital is the materials that would be used.

6) What is your timeframe?

As interior designers might be working on multiple projects, they must meet all the deadlines set to provide a good customer experience. That is why a professional interior designer questions the Time Frame so they can execute your demands on time. 

7) What design style do you like and What to avoid?

Usually, the interior designer might have unlimited inspirations. That is why they narrow down and filter their ideas by asking about your preferences and aversions. Through this, they can save time and eliminate any potential amendments in the future.

8) Have you ever worked with an interior designer before?

Understanding your previous experiences with interior designers is a good question to know if you are familiar with the business procedures. Additionally, this can be a remarkable indicator of how the interior designer should handle your project for the best experience possible.

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